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Life-limiting illness

Ovarian Cancer and no surgery option

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milkshakeandchips5 · 07/09/2023 13:20


Is there anyone who has experience of Ovarian Cancer (Stage 3C High Grade Serous) who has not been able to have surgery but has managed to have a period of prolonged stability and good quality of life?

Would really appreciate any insights. My mum was due to have surgery but it couldn't be carried out and trying to understand what it means?

OP posts:
Silkiebunny · 07/09/2023 19:43

I'm sorry I don't know, I'm breast cancer, but have heard of people with ovarian cancer recommending here. Or it might be worth you accompanying your Mum if possible to an appointment and asking oncologist. You may be able to do that virtually if long distance.

Lucetastic · 10/09/2023 17:56

There is a brilliant Facebook page: Ovarian Cancer UK. So much info and support xxx

wellandtruly · 10/09/2023 18:08

My MIL had it. They did plan to do surgery, but when they opened her up, the cancer was deemed inoperable and they just stitched her back up again. At that point she was judged stage 4. She turned down offers of palliative chemo. She lived well for about a year before she died. She travelled independently around U.K and Europe, drove through the Alps etc. For the last two or three months of her life she went to live with her son, and she died there.

Justgonefishing · 10/09/2023 18:50

you really need to discuss with her Dr's as it can be so individual.....she may well be offered chemo for instance which can be life extending, if she chooses to go down this path. there are other factors eg. age, other medial conditions etc that may impact how stable/well she stays.

JustAMinutePleass · 13/10/2023 10:58

Aunt had the exact diagnosis. They decided not to operate as she was already bedridden for something else and they felt the risk of operating on her was too high. She was given radiation and chemo and the tumour did respond and shrink enough to give her 5 years before she died.

But it needs to be understood why can’t operate. With my aunt being bedridden meant she had a high risk of dying at the operating table. Age shouldn’t be a deciding factor here (some oncologists still have a blanket approach to surgery for over 70s) - if your Mum is otherwise fit and healthy surgery should be offered.

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