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Life-limiting illness

Terminal cancer gift ideas?

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Loki97 · 17/02/2023 22:02

My nan has recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer. I want to put together a hamper for her as she starts chemo this week but stuck for ideas. Can you throw some ideas my way?

OP posts:
thesandwich · 17/02/2023 22:05

There are lots of chemo gift companies- look at Etsy etc for ideas.
two things I really appreciated were a water bottle and a lovely blanket my dd made for me to take to chemo.

Tapenade · 17/02/2023 22:07

Nice lip balm - I know that’s one of the things my family member appreciated most when they were going through chemo

Nimbostratus100 · 17/02/2023 22:07

bird feeder for outside her window?
donation to a charity she loves, such as a snow leopard from WWF, with a cuddly snow leopard?
lovely soft satin pillowcase?
PJs? may need front opening PJs for ease of medical access to bit of the body?

Charley50 · 17/02/2023 22:08

Heated blanket? Cosy things, one of those moving LED picture frames? Lovely smelling hand cream that you can massage into her hands...

Nimbostratus100 · 17/02/2023 22:09

high quality ginger biscuits? supposed to help with nausea

easy to use thermometer - on chemo you are supposed to record your temperature a lot

Nimbostratus100 · 17/02/2023 22:12

high quality masks? hand gel and disinfectant wipes, all needed every day when you are on chemo

Nimbostratus100 · 17/02/2023 22:17

oral rehydration sachets

Nimbostratus100 · 17/02/2023 22:19

nice new water bottle to take to chemo

FatAgainItsLettuceTime · 17/02/2023 22:22

Moo goo moisturiser and hand cream. They do a chemo pack, it's really sensitive as chemo can affect skin sensitivity.

snowlady4 · 17/02/2023 22:42

Nice lunch box and flask/water bottle to take to long appointments.-
Book of something uplifting/poems/quotes/short stories.
Family photo album she can flick through.
Blanket/heated socks/anything cosy.
Things for when she is having a good day;
Restaurant voucher, complimentary therapy voucher, bottle of booze.

Most important- something to tell her you will be there to spend time with her- take to apppintments, make dinners, hang out with her etc- maybe write a thoughtful card.

Nimbostratus100 · 17/02/2023 22:43

a nice card is a good idea

Loki97 · 18/02/2023 18:54

Thankyou everyone ❤

OP posts:
Bayleaf25 · 20/02/2023 23:05

Mints and fluffy socks x

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