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Life-limiting illness

Should we be worried?

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ManyManyBiscuits · 19/08/2022 17:59

Dh has asthma - over a year ago he had a lung scan related to this.

Results eventually came back - nothing wrong with his lungs but was referred for a CT scan because the first scan showed a lesion or similar on his pancreas.

Scan was taking forever to be booked and DH was getting v. anxious about prospect of pancreatic cancer. No symptoms as such except a 'crampy side'. GP ordered blood tests in the mean time, which came back with no abnormalities.

DH mum also passed away last year after long illness so DH generally sad and anxious.

Scan was eventually done earlier this year - DH told at least 9 weeks for results. It's been more than that now - maybe 12? He has just received a letter saying he has a telephone consultation with the Hepatobiliary Surgery team at the hospital but it's not until late September.

My general attitude is to be optimistic- the blood tests were negative, he hasn't got any new symptoms, there doesn't seem to be a great urgency to the procedures and appointments.

But DH is understandably anxious again - pancreatic cancer sounds awful and of the scan results were ok, why does he need a specialist consultation?

Does anyone have any insight? Could there be other benign things that would show up in a scan that would require treatment? Is there just a post scan follow up protocol that is being followed?

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Lushmetender · 21/09/2022 09:38

Can he go private at all? My dad had pancreatic cancer. He’d had a year or so having tummy troubles and he lost a lot of weight as had been told he was pre diabetic so he kind of was wanting to lose weight but put it this way, it was easiest diet he’d been on. Due to the delays he was diagnosed as terminal in December and died this April. He chose not to have chemo etc as my mum had died in dec there so not sure he saw the point. Not saying this to scare you but like all cancers the earlier it’s caught the better. Lesions can also be cysts so need to go through the tests. Been getting crampy side myself and need to also take my own advice. Hope your DH has a clear diagnosis

AnnaMagnani · 21/09/2022 09:44

If it was cancer, you would not have waited 12 weeks for the results.

In general in the NHS, bad news travels fast and good news travels extremely slowly.

There are a lot of other things it could be, without being pancreatic cancer - for which he would have been hauled in immediately.

Fluffluff · 24/09/2022 08:04

You can have pseudo cysts on the pancreas.
Also agree with above you would have heard before now if anythhig worrying..

Elnetthairnet · 11/10/2022 14:37

I think if it was going to be bad news it would be sooner and a face to face appointment. Try not to worry.

ManyManyBiscuits · 14/10/2022 17:57

Thank you for the reassurance. It is a cyst but not of a size of type that they have high concern for right now. He'll get a yearly scan now. I'll ask for my thread to be deleted.

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