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Life-limiting illness

Going home with Lung Cancer

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PillowTalking · 16/09/2021 20:48

My dear step nan who is 87 has been in hospital for 2 weeks having tests. She presented with nausea, pain in ribs, and coughing, which has been going in for quite a few months, she didn't want to waste the drs time!
She's had chest drains and ct scan and was told today it's lung cancer.
I have only heard from my aunt, but apparently they want to send her home tomorrow!! She lives alone although my aunt lives just round the corner.
She isn't needing oxygen and has been walking around the ward today.
I'm confused, would they have offered treatment? Are they sending her home to die?😥

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Blackopal · 16/09/2021 20:52

I'm sorry for your news.

I was shocked when they told my dad he had stage 4 cancer then sent us home.
Feels like the last thing that should be happening and there should be a dramatic response.

They were in touch with my dad very quickly when his team met and discussed case.
You will hear from your step nans team soon regarding treatment plans. They will also be clear about the treatment and if it is simply palliative at this point.

Wishing you all well Flowers

PillowTalking · 16/09/2021 20:59

Thankyou @Blackopal
Sorry to hear about your dad.
Yes, it just seemed all very rushed, apparently nan was talking about getting meals on wheels or equivalent and seemed to accept her diagnosis.
She only has a bath and lives in a big house although her bedroom is downstairs.
Last year she was out gardening every day!

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cabinfever102 · 16/09/2021 21:45

I'm so sorry. This happened to one of my close family members and it was a relatively short progression from diagnosis. I think six months roughly. Contact your GP snd ask for help with assessing her needs as it is a medical condition she will be entitled to medical equipment - be it Hospital style bed, any kind of aids, chairs, etc etc at home as her illness progresses. None of this will need to br paid for. Marie Curie or a local hospice will help with palliative care and again will come out to assess needs and offer support and services. We also had fully funded (as terminal cancer) support for care nursing - initially a few times a day and by the end 24/7. It's finding out how to navigate this stuff, as she probably doesn't want or need to be in hospital snd the palliative nurses are amazing at making sure she has exactly what meds are going to make her comfortable. Get her to sign a form to give you access to talk to her GP otherwise things may be tricky in time when she starts to get confused... Thanks

PillowTalking · 16/09/2021 22:38

Thankyou @cabinfever102 that's really helpful. She has a closer next of kin than me so I will pass on the info.
I'm hoping the hospital will set her up with all the info she needs before she gets sent home.
She's never smoked or drank alcohol 8n her life, it seems so unfair

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RoyCastleLungCancerFoundation · 17/09/2021 09:33

@PillowTalking We're so sorry to here about your nan.

She will likely to be assigned a Multidisciplinary team (MDT) including an oncologist who will discuss her best form of treatment and then give her the choices. She may also need additional tests or biopsies as different types of lung cancer have different treatments available - it isn't just chemo and radiotherapy, there are targeted and immunotherapies too.

We can offer help and support to your nan and yourself. We have a nurse-led helpline - 0800 358 7200 - who can answer any of your questions, or talk to you about the kinds of questions you should be asking. We also have our forum where you can chat to over people living with lung cancer. Our website also have a lot of information as well as stories of people who are living well with lung cancer. We have some patients who are many years into an incurable diagnosis.

Try not to google - the stats are pretty outdated and every case is different. Our website is

Take care, Rachel @ Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

PillowTalking · 17/09/2021 10:39

Thank you so much, that's really helpfulFlowers

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