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Life-limiting illness

Pain on the Left Side wont go away, very worried !!!

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Nightwing2099 · 24/08/2019 16:05

We have been in and out of Hospital, currently waiting for an end-escope examination. Her belly has swollen, she gets a pain the left side, belly region, she has been also getting a kind of pinching feeling in the belly button. She cant be pregnant, shes had Gail Balder removed, she had a a cyst removed years ago. She has excellent diet unlike myself. She is allergic to Poppy Seeds as well.... Any ideas what could be. She did have one scan that showed a large amount of air.

OP posts:
Khaleesi1315 · 24/08/2019 17:55

I have no idea but I would advise a trip to the doctors again if the pain is unmanageable I hope she gets an answer and starts feeling better soon

Minxmumma · 25/08/2019 18:45

Go back to the GP, keep asking questions and chase for appointments if it is unmanageable.

Fingers crossed for some resolution for her soon xx

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