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Life-limiting illness

Questions to ask before chemo (EOX)

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OddBoots · 22/12/2018 19:43

My dad has been diagnosed with metastatic esophageal cancer and is due to start palliative chemo with an EOX combined therapy early in the new year. He has an appointment on Monday (yes, Christmas Eve) for blood tests and "a chat." Dad has an appointment to see the dentist for a check up but is there anything else we should ask or do?

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MyNameIsArthur · 29/12/2018 14:24

Sorry to hear about your dad and hope he will come through this okay. I guess asking what side effects there may be and is there anything to ease the side effects. When I had intensive chemo a couple of years ago, one of the side effects was mucositis in my mouth and esophogus which was painful. Afterwards I heard that sucking ice poles can help prevent mucositis. Contact Macmillans to get advice from them. There is also a discussion forum on their website which is fantastic. God bless x

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