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Life-limiting illness

What to expect when MiL stops dialysis?

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SamPotatoes · 18/10/2018 09:38

MiL has been on dialysis for 12 years but her lines keep failing and the consultant has said there is nothing more he can do. They are using a temporary line to give BiL time to get back as he lives the other side of the world. Once he is here they will stop dialysis and send her home with palliative care. MiL has been told but doesn't really understand (dementia).

FiL is not coping so DH has been made next of kin and has to make decisions. Would love to hear from anyone with experience of caring for someone in this situation- What should we expect? And is there anything we should make sure is covered in the palliative care? She did 5 days without dialysis before the temp line was put in and was tired but managing. We haven't been given an indication of how long she'd last other than "less than a month". It would be good to know other people's experiences so we can get an idea of what will need planning for .

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