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Is a lump found not neccessarily cancer?

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Luckylola12 · 17/07/2018 14:44

My family member has got a lump, inside arm (bicep) just above the elbow. They have sent them for a blood test and to see haemathology team. They went a while ago and doc said it was fatty fliud or something. This doc said it mught be a lymph node so best to get it checked. They feel healthy and doesnt feel ill atall. I am so so so terrified! I cant calm down. Any advice? Am i over thinking and worrying?

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1234hello · 17/07/2018 21:30

Most lumps are in fact not cancer. Sadly some are.

It’s ok to be worried but if you really are terrified and can’t calm down, and are like this with other things then that possibly points to an anxiety problem, which is also worth seeing a doctor about. Anxiety sucks.


Luckylola12 · 17/07/2018 22:15

Thankyou! I always think of worse case scinarios! =(

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