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Life-limiting illness

Books to help cope with losing a loved one

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BoysRule · 16/01/2018 20:08

My mum was diagnosed with secondary cancer 3 and a half years ago. It has now spread and she is in hospital - we are looking at quite a short time frame although we are yet to hear a prognosis.

I don't think I will cope very well with losing her. I feel too young (I am 40 and she is 67) to lose my Mum. At the moment I am numb but I know I need to face my grief.

Has anyone read anything that has helped them to deal with loss? I read a lot and find it very comforting. I don't want religious content but am thinking more about how to deal with the grief process etc.


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1234hello · 16/01/2018 21:29
Sadik · 16/01/2018 21:35

So sorry to hear about your mum :(

I can't help with specific titles, but I volunteer at the library, & we have 'books on prescription' that the local surgery sends people up to get. I know several of them relate to grief & losing a loved one as I've checked them out for people with a doctors note. So maybe worth asking at your doctors as they may have something similar or be able to recommend.

BoysRule · 17/01/2018 18:16

Thank you for your replies. That book looks good 1234hello, thank you. Sadik - that is a good idea, I didn't know about that.

OP posts:
Situp · 17/01/2018 18:22

My mum read A Grief Observed by CS Lewis when my dad died which she said was really good. I think there is a religious side to it in case that is a problem.

Situp · 17/01/2018 18:25

I would also recommend visiting which was a massive help for me. Dad died suddenly but people who know it is coming also go there to talk. So sorry you are going through this xx

echt · 20/01/2018 06:39

This slim book, "Coping With Grief" was given to me by DonateLife after the death of my DH. It is practical, speaks to heart and the head, and is for both the bereaved and those around them.

YY to the early parts of "A Grief Observed", eloquent about the nature of loss, so passionate, so rightly refusing the loss. I have the same reservations about the religious elements later.

Thanks BoysRule

TheWeeMacGregors · 20/01/2018 06:43

Am not far behind you in that journey. I’ve just read the most amazing book which has helped loads. With the end in mind.

TheWeeMacGregors · 20/01/2018 06:45

With the End in Mind: Dying, Death and Wisdom in an Age of Denial

TheWeeMacGregors · 20/01/2018 06:48

Was dubious when I ordered it thought the title was a bit much - but is written by a palliative care consultant and makes you see that the ‘last bit’ can be peaceful and lovely really. Also last chapter powerful on why we don’t want really to be immortal.

I guess it’s not so much about coping with loss though thinking about it, but it is about facing what’s ahead.

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