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Life-limiting illness

Chemo support / care package ideas

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doradoo · 01/03/2017 20:41

I have a friend who starts chemo for lung cancer next week, I'm looking to sort her a care package of bits and bobs which I can post to her - I'm overseas and she's in the U.K. - I'm not sure what she's likely to need / want, does anyone have any practical suggestions that they or their loved ones wanted / needed

Thanks - struggling a bit as can't do much more than be a sounding board for her but wanted to try and give something a bit more tangible

OP posts:
FXSkip · 03/03/2017 11:04

Hi doradoo that's a lovely idea - if she has cut her hair in anticipation of losing it then a little hat would be good, maybe something like a fancy nutrition drink or some healthy treats, a book or some magazines (depending on what she's into), some photos of you guys together if you have them, a nice hand sanitiser for hospital (L'Occitane do a nice lavender one as an example) mini mouthwash, hand cream.... that sort of thing! Hope some of that was helpful, also include a little note just telling he r how you feel about her.

doradoo · 04/03/2017 07:37

Thanks for your ideas, given me somewhere to start!

OP posts:
hollinhurst84 · 04/03/2017 07:42

Lip balm, warm socks
Moogoo (online) do a special package which comes with creams and socks
Travel sweets or lollies (there is special ones called queasy pops or similar)

hollinhurst84 · 04/03/2017 07:44
MollyHuaCha · 04/03/2017 07:45

What a lovely friend you are Smile

wishcarry · 04/03/2017 07:47

Skip has some lovely ideas.
how about a nice eyebrow pencil?
perhaps a diary she can write her feelings down in,or her appointments.
perhaps a feel good dvd.
you are such a good friend.Flowers and best wishes for your friend.

doradoo · 04/03/2017 07:58

Thanks all.

OP posts:
PenguindreamsofDraco · 09/03/2017 10:43

Depending on what she's like, she might like something like this too? Fuck cancer bracelet

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