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Life-limiting illness

We're facing two sets of end of life care

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fatowl · 25/01/2017 00:08

and I don't know how I'm going to cope over the next few months.

DF has secondary liver cancer, he has a scan on wednesday but we are fully expecting them to say he is moving to palliative care. He is going downhill.

MIL has dementia and has stopped eating and drinking. She has a DNR.

We live overseas and just trying to make the decision when to go is stressing me out a lot. DH doesn't get on with his sister and there isn't any other family so that is a very stressful situation. It will all blow up.

Me, mum and DSis get on well and my mum has a lot of support but, just feeling so helpless.

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namechangedmummy23 · 01/02/2017 00:26

Didn't want to read and run, my mum is in the process of being diagnosed with a life limiting illness so that how I came about seeing your post.
I have no advice I'm afraid...but hugs to you at this difficult time x

fatowl · 12/02/2017 12:46

Thanks for responding

MIL passed away on the 30th Jan, but due to a severe backlog at the crem we can't have her funeral until 28th Feb.

My dad is failing. Mum isn't coping and they are waiting for a bed for him.

At the moment I'm booked to fly to UK on 25th, in time for MILs funeral, but think I;m going to need to go sooner

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