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Life-limiting illness

Helping sons to understand Grandpa's cancer

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fuffapster · 16/06/2016 04:34

Hi, sorry if this has been done before but this area is new to me.

Two DS, 4 and 6. 6 year old is intelligent and understands a lot (formally assessed in comprehension, reading and numeracy at age 9-10). 4 year old is less capable in terms of communication.

My stepfather, their GrandPa, was diagnosed more than a year ago with prostate cancer, that has spread to the bones (sorry don't know the technical details). It's terminal.

We're going on holiday today to spend a couple of weeks with my DM and GrandPa.

I'm wondering when is the best time, and in what way, to tell DS6 in particular.

We are not religious. DS6 knows that people die when their body stops working.

Any suggestions or resources would help.


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BackforGood · 16/06/2016 23:30

Sorry you are in a difficult place at the moment Flowers

My opinion is that it's best to be honest, factual, and just answer their questions to the best of your ability. Don't try and shelter them from the truth, but don't fret if they seem very matter of fact about it.

Your local Hospice is a good place to seek advice, as is Edwards Trust

fuffapster · 13/08/2016 12:39

Hi thanks for your answer and my apologies for not answering before. Holiday and things intervened and this slipped my mind.
We still haven't broached the topic as it didn't come up.
I will check the site you mention, and I noticed another similar thread here so will inform myself.

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