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High Level CIN Cells

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cjt110 · 28/09/2015 12:16

Hi all,

apologies if this is not the correct place to post. I didn't know where else seemed most appropriate.

My mum has been told following investigations she has high level pre cancerous cells. The consultant is yet to write to her with treatment options but previously said it would be an outpatient style appointment.

Can anyone share any experience/information. I do not want to google.

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strawberryblondebint · 28/09/2015 13:19

Was this after a smear test. Only asking as I was told a similar thing after a smear. I was called for a copolscopy and the cells were removed. I was told they were cin 3. I have had no issues since other than 6 monthly smears. I was very worried at the time but am totally fine

cjt110 · 28/09/2015 13:35

strawberry Yes it was in a roun about way. She was suffering bleeding regularly for 3+ weeks at a time and had a coil fitted. She bled pretty much constant for 6m and initially was told it was normal after having a coil fitted. Her nurse then recoiled in horror when my Mum told her. My mum had some investigations - camera and biopsies - and the nurse at the hospital has now advised my Mum (8 weeks or more after the biopsies) that it is high grade CIN and would require treatment like a day case? But she could tell my mum over the phone what the treatment was.

OP posts:
strawberryblondebint · 28/09/2015 14:53

Ok well this sounds a bit like me however I had no symptoms but had missed smears. Although I was pregnant they did a smear. However I had to wait till after the birth for treatment. I was worried sick but couldn't have made a choice at 16 weeks pregnant. I ended up going to hospital when my daughter was a few weeks old and had the cells removed. It was a tiny amount. Half the size of a finger tip and I have had no issues since. It's very easily treated at this stage. Please don't worry

cjt110 · 28/09/2015 15:24

Thanks for sharing strawberry. I am just unsure what to expect and as such am shying away from it all to be honest and just saying to my Mum to see what they say.

OP posts:
strawberryblondebint · 28/09/2015 17:33

I think it could be very easy to be over dramatic about this. I have a tendency to this. However the fact that they were ok about me waiting 5 months for treatment meant I worried much less. Plus the extra smears for reassurance. The colposcopy didn't hurt either. Bit nippy but not enough to really complain. I felt a bit shite after it but then I was still breastfeeding and recovering from a birth. At the end of the day they are pre cancerous cells not cancerous and if they can remove them all there is a great outcome. Calm her down and google colposcopy

cjt110 · 01/10/2015 10:23

Strawberry. I asked my mum and she has already had a colposcopy,. She said they injected a dye and was told if it went white it meant pre cancerous cells and it did. This then further lead to the colposcopy.

She said the consultant said something about a loop?

OP posts:
tableanadchairs · 01/10/2015 23:32

could be loop diathermy which is done at colposcopy to remove abnormal cells for biopsy using a wire (l think may be electrified). Also can be called loop excision.
Not too major a proceedure

nephrofox · 01/10/2015 23:35

It's loop excision she will he having. I had this a few weeks ago. It's really no big deal. Very similar to the colposcopy she's already had, except the give some local anaesthetic and then take the bad cells away. It takes about 10 mins. 6 month follow up.

MarkRuffaloCrumble · 01/10/2015 23:47

I had a loop diathermy about 15 years ago. It was a 10 min thing and smears since then have all been fine so try not to worry too much. I know it's easy to say, but really, try to focus on the fact that they are aware of the problem and are treating it.

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