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Life-limiting illness

How best to support friend with degenerative disability?

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DirtyDancing · 28/02/2015 16:00

We are in our 30's. 10 years ago she was diagnosed with a very rare degenerative disability. She recently moved cities to be nearer her parents. Her work allowed her to keep her job and work from home. But at Xmas she realised she couldn't continue to work.

She's understandably very low. Physically she's now in a wheel chair & her body is wasting away. She's told me before that the one thing she'll never get over is not being able to get married and have kids.

I live at the other end of the UK, so whilst I am going to visit her soon it'll mainly be phone and text support I can give her. But what do I say? I don't think I should keep asking her how she is. But want her to know I'm thinking about her. I don't think I should tell her too much that's going on in my life as that might be too hard for her to hear as I work & have a baby. I'm so sad for her.

Any advice very gratefully relieved x

OP posts:
ragged · 28/02/2015 18:46

My old friend has something similar (NF2). Arguably slower, at least.
You could ask her how she spends her day, what she's on TV (usual chitchat), what her plans are. Lots of listening.
We have been emailing mostly (NF2 left my friend unable to communicate well in person). Just chitchat. FB is good too, just for sharing little things.

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