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MS diagnosis may be lyme disease

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LilacGarden · 20/05/2014 20:14

hi all
I am new to this forum and I am from the USA. I am a mom of a four year old and this forum seems really great! I was scrolling through the health section because I am currently in treatment for lyme disease. I saw a lot of posts about MS diagnosis. I wanted to say that lyme disease has now spread to Europe, but a lot of doctors still don't know a lot about it. Often times the symptoms are very similar to MS. It is a tricky illness and also has lots of co infections. I am dealing with it right now and so am very aware of it. Even the testing is tricky and there can be false negatives. If you or your loved one has an ms diagnosis consider getting them tested for lyme and co infections. the best lab to test in the us is igenex. And in Germany there is a great test that is really accurate called infectolab, and even from the US you can send your samples to them to test. Just wanted to get the word out to you all because the earlier it is treated the better and symptoms often mimic either chronic fatigue, MS, or anxiety. Anxiety and panic attacks are one of my main symptoms. In addition to lyme the ticks transmit other infections such as bartonella and babesia. If you want more info you can go to // and go to the lyme disease forum.

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ohdobuckup · 22/07/2014 17:50

Thank you for this...I have a friend who has been struggling with poor health for the last two years with all the 'classic' symptoms of ME, (I know, not MS), fatigue, breathlessness, chronic pain, and medics have drawn a blank.

I really think Lyme's could be a possibility, have tried to get her to talk to Gp about it but she has dismissed it as she hasn't been anywhere where it appears to be prevalent, or had a noticeable bite, but I remember she was bitten a couple of years ago that caused a swelling on her leg. I will look at the link you provide, thanks

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