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Life-limiting illness

Cold and Chemo

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britney92 · 01/03/2014 18:15

My son is currently undergoing chemo and I've a awful cold and as his main care provider I'm now worried about passing on. Anyone been there or have any tips.

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keeks1 · 12/03/2014 22:20

Hello, we have found the best thing is to just try to limit physical contact and keep snot away from her - my little girl has been in treatment for leukaemia for nearly two years and we have all had viruses, some she has caught and others she has avoided.she is one of three children so all the childhood bugs are floating about!! Hope he managed no to catch it x x x

britney92 · 15/03/2014 18:18

Thankfully he's not caught it. So in for intense physio this week (he's had half his pelvis removed) and chemo the week after. I think he was hoping to catch it to delay things lol

OP posts:
keeks1 · 24/03/2014 07:31

I hope his intensive week went ok and he's recovering - half his pelvis sounds like a devastating thing to go through, childhood cancer sucks x x x x

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