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Life-limiting illness

Can anyone talk to me about my Granny?

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MandragoraWurzelstock · 18/04/2013 16:48

I'm not sure where she is at really, and I want to be prepared.

She's the same age as Thatcher, and has been stuck in her armchair for the last few years. She can shuffle around with a little trolley thing but does this less and less. She sleeps in the chair, she has kidney failure and issues with water retention, swollen infected legs, heart/lung congestion to a degree.

She's been up and down with this for ages now. But the last few weeks she has stopped eating, almost entirely, says she is full, when she's eaten nothing. She's having some bowel issues too.

Not sure what is going on. Does this sound like it's got to the point where she needs hospice care?

Mentally she is very lucid still. My parents care for her and aren't sure what to do.


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NothingsLeft · 21/04/2013 19:30

Has her GP been out to see her? They be your first point if contact if you feel she's unwell or your parents are no longer able to manage her care.

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