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Supporting a friend having chemo

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lotsofcheese · 01/08/2012 19:05

One of my closest friends is starting chemo tomorrow, for breast cancer, following a recent mastectomy. She also had surgery for breast cancer 3 years ago, but this is not a recurrence, it's completely new tumours.

So she has been through the wars already, and faces a long road ahead with the chemo, when she is already struggling with it all.

She lives in the Channel Islands so I can't pop in & do practical things for her, but I'd appreciate your views on how I can support her.

I thought of putting a "chemo kit" together with things like a magazine, chocolate (before the taste changes kick in) maybe some nail varnish etc

Do you think that sounds ok? Is there anything else I can do for her, from a distance? Any ideas or advice is very welcome.

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Gigondas · 01/08/2012 19:19

That all sounds lovely but can I suggest you pop on tamoxifen thread (tis in general health) as lots of ladies there can help. But all those ideas sound great.

Ilovedaintynuts · 01/08/2012 19:20

That sounds fab. Receiving a parcel with magazines, chocolate, sweets, nail varnish, nice body lotions is a wonderful idea. What she needs is lots of moral support. Make a note of her chemo days and hospital appointments and REMEMBER. The biggest complaint cancer patients have is that people lose interest and only their real friends stay the distance.
I was a chemotherapy nurse for 10 years until recently.
Best wishes to your friend x

Gigondas · 01/08/2012 19:22

Dainty Nuts speaks sense (currently about to do round 3 of 6). I appreciate texts calls and visits more than anything- I know you are not near but a few texts or call works wonders.

lotsofcheese · 02/08/2012 13:28

Thanks for all your advice, the chemo parcel is ready for posting; it contains a nail polish, magazine, posh chocolate & hand/foot kit. Her 1st chemo is today xx

OP posts:
onetiredmummy · 07/08/2012 10:30

Can I just add that my mum loved the Body Shop's vitamin E spray mist for her face during chemo sessions. :)

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