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This board is primarily for those whose children have LGBTQ+ parents to share their personal experiences and advice.

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Looking for other lesbian mums near Swindon

4 replies

Louannie · 26/03/2009 21:18

Hello I have just registered with Mumsnet and I thought it would be fun to see if there are any other lesbian mums near where we live. Its easy to think we are the only ones!

OP posts:
simck · 27/03/2009 06:12

Hi Louannie, I'm a lesbian mum near Swindon. Like you said it feels like we're the only ones!

Louannie · 30/03/2009 17:36

Hi Simck

It would be nice for my family to meet up with other similar families but I guess most events for L families happen around London?

I was looking on Gingerbeer and there's loads of other mums on there but they do seem to mainly be in London.

OP posts:
simck · 31/03/2009 06:15

Louannie how can i contact you?

chocolatewitch · 02/04/2009 21:41

Hi Louannie, I am single mum. Would like to meet other parents. I have a 4yr old girl. I think I might fit the label! :O)

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