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This board is primarily for those whose children have LGBTQ+ parents to share their personal experiences and advice.

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Gay Mums in Kingston or nearby??

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secretme2 · 15/11/2008 14:59

Hi there, I am a gay mum of 2, and was wondering if there are any other mums in my boat, that would be up for a coffee at some point??

OP posts:
star66 · 23/11/2008 12:58

Hi im in West Wimbledon if you fancy meeting up

secretme2 · 24/01/2009 14:09

Hi Star66, Be great to meet up. When would you be free? I will check this more regulary...have been hopeless!!!

OP posts:
secretme2 · 13/07/2009 20:11

Hey Starr..

Are you still around to meet for coffee?

OP posts:
sanfran · 14/07/2009 14:24

hi secretme2, would love to meet up for coffee, we"re having twins in nov. just found out yesterday that its boy and girl, yeah. we"re in ashford middx, not far. hope to hear from you soon don x

Mumeee · 19/10/2009 14:59

Hi, i'm in New Malden and would like to meet for a coffee. Would be great to meet you.

vixonb · 19/10/2009 20:33

hiya we are in west london if anyone wants t meet up? we are really keen to meet similar mums, and so is our 6month baby who is keen to make new friends!

Mumeee · 19/10/2009 21:10

Hi vixonb, would be good to meet, when are you free?

vixonb · 19/10/2009 22:38

Hi mumee, u could email me at [email protected] so we could arrange

Lucysarah1 · 24/10/2009 14:10

We are moving to Surbiton in 2 weeks. We have a 3 year old girl and boy, and another on the way. Would be great to meet some local gay mums. Have any of you met up yet? We could try and organise an informal local group.
Lucy and Sarah

sanfran · 24/10/2009 17:46

Hi LucuSarah1, we"re having twins on the 30th Oct so we"d be up for meeting up! Whens yours due. My email is [email protected]. Talk soon.

sanfran · 24/10/2009 17:50

Hi mumeee, would love to meet for a coffee, My email is [email protected] Hope to hear from you soon. Don x

secretme2 · 24/10/2009 20:03

Hi Lucysarah1.

I am up for a meet up. I am in East Molesey, so next door basically. My e-mail is [email protected]

Hope to hear from you soon,

Audrey x

OP posts:
Mumeee · 24/10/2009 21:21

Hi Lucysarah1,

I'm in New Malden so not far from you. Would love to meet up.

My e mail is [email protected]

hope to hear from you soon,


surbybabies · 16/11/2009 15:07

Hi,we're also in Surbiton, so please let me know if there's something being arranged!

sanfran · 17/11/2009 16:54

hi surbybabies, im up for meeting. just had twins on the 1st nov and keen to meet other gay mums or straight of course!! my email is [email protected]. Im desperate for a coffee as im so sleep deprived at the moment ha!! Hope to hear from you soon.

surbybabies · 17/11/2009 22:36

Congratulations sanfran, hope it's all going well! Will drop you a line soon - I'm impressed you're even contemplating leaving the house with them, I wasn't mentally prepared for that for a long time!!

sanfran · 19/11/2009 11:55

Hi surbybabies, i look like i"ve been dragged by the hair backwards but have to get out eventually. i havnt been too far without my other half, mainly walking to coffee shops. Must admit bit scary going out, out on my own, sure il be fine HELP!! talk soon don x

temm09 · 20/11/2009 08:58

Congrats Sanfran! They are here at last! How are you coping - aside from sleep deprivation? Must be pretty amazing to have little twins! Hope you settle into a routine soon and get to grips!

We are TTC again... almost 6 months on and my body still messed up from the MC so my cycle is really long, which makes things frustrating, but we'll get there. Hope to join the gay mums of Kingston or West London groups soon!

sanfran · 20/11/2009 14:13

HI temme09, good to here from you. Sure its going to happen soon!! Im dead man walking i tell you! But they are gorgeous. If you fancy meeting up for a coffee and chat, im a good listener! Take care and hope to hear from you soon. My email is [email protected] x

Lucysarah1 · 30/11/2009 19:25

I have just sent a group email to those of you who posted your email addresses to start up an email group. I don't have email addresses for Star66, Surbybabies, or Temm09, so if you guys want to email me on [email protected] I will add you onto the email group.

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