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This board is primarily for those whose children have LGBTQ+ parents to share their personal experiences and advice.

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Dating apps

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starpatch · 11/11/2023 18:59

Hi, can anyone recommend me which dating app has more lesbians on at the moment. thanks

OP posts:
purpledaze24 · 04/12/2023 20:54

Hinge seems to have a lot of gay & bi women but also very much depends where you live

Towerofsong · 04/12/2023 22:12


starpatch · 07/12/2023 16:43

Thank you!

OP posts:
RomaniWoman · 08/12/2023 06:26

I met my wife on Bumble. I found it to be the most "serious" app for lesbians.

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