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This board is primarily for those whose children have LGBTQ+ parents to share their personal experiences and advice.

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Trans mum...supporting my young son after his mother left us

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Cirmhor13 · 18/08/2019 18:45

At the risk of being hounded out because im a transgender parent MtF of my son T13.
I was recently unexpectedly dumped by text by his mum (my partner of 24 years who knew i was trans from yr1). How can i support him through this tough time. She has said she wants a man and possibly a baby. My older kids are young adults and have disowned their mum which breaks my heart. T13 is trying to hide his pain but he has broken down twice to me.
His mum wont make any effort and if i didnt take him on his birthday to see her, he wudnt have seen her for 2 months! She lives with her dad atm which is nearly 2 hours away. I cant afford to keep taking him and she doesnt contribute anything atm. Im struggling myself with the breakup as i still love her deeply but i dont want T13 to see me breaking down all the time.
Luckily he has been with family and friends for 2 weeks of holidays and i have off time next week.
I feel im letting him down atm and feel me being who i am has lost him his mother.
Anybody with constructive advice it wud be much appreciated. I dont want to talk about whether or not i should be trans!
Ty x

OP posts:
Bryterlayter1 · 02/10/2019 15:49

This sounds like a really difficult situation for you and your son. Is there any support he could access (counselling?) to talk through this? I know counselling can be really expensive, I wonder if his school know of any options for him? Sorry I can't be of any more help.

Cirmhor13 · 02/10/2019 21:52

Yeah i have spoken to the school and they are keeping an eye on him. They do offer support for him and a counsellor. Tbh im probably finding it harder to understand than its bothering him.
Thank you for your help though, its much appreciated Smile

OP posts:
Kablam · 22/02/2020 05:45

Maybe he could skype with his other mother?
Definitely try to get your kid into counseling, it's great.
Your ex sounds like a dick tbh
I know you said it makes you sad that your older kids have broken off contact with her, but i would too.

YouCanNeverHaveEnoughGIitter · 22/02/2020 05:56

Zombie thread?!

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