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This board is primarily for those whose children have LGBTQ+ parents to share their personal experiences and advice.

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Iui process

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Hederahelix · 08/05/2018 12:02

Hello, my wife and I would like to try and conceive via iui. We have spoken to the GP and after fertility tests are hoping to be referred to a clinic. It's been frustratingly difficult to find any information out about the process, or anywhere you can go for support. This has been adding to the stress of the process!

Does anyone know of some good sources, or is willing to share their experience? For example, I have absolutely no idea of the time scale from referral to first iui cycle, and only a vague idea of costs.

Any info much appreciated Smile

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LRDtheFeministDragon · 08/05/2018 17:41

There's a whole section on Donor conception (under the 'Becoming a Parent' tab in the main menu). There's a few of us there and it might be worth posting there if you've not already?

My DD, who's 13 months, was conceived via IUI. Process was very quick with us - about six weeks from approaching the clinic to a positive test. I'm currently TTC, but went back to the clinic last January and still nada! Grin So, it varies.

The book 'Pride and Joy,' on LGBT parenting, includes some info. It's good, but it's about all sorts of LGBT families, so lesbians doing IUI make up a smallish chunk.

The authors are also on twitter.

But, I can answer some questions if you'd like to try me?

Hederahelix · 09/05/2018 07:25

Thank you. I'll have a look on the donor conception forum. I've actually ordered that book, good to know it's recommended Smile

My main question was around timescales. I understand that time to conception is variable but I had no sense of how long it could be from referral to the the first attempt, so that's really helpful. I just want to be doing something, it's hard waiting around for all the appointments etc.! I suppose my wife and I can continue to try the old fashioned way... Hmm

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LRDtheFeministDragon · 09/05/2018 09:09

I think it really varies, based on my readings of the long-running thread.

For us, it was fast the first time because we could take pretty much any appointment (DP's work was flexible). They needed to do the paperwork, so that's one appointment, where they'll discuss plans with you. Then they'll do various tests - some to make sure you're both healthy (ridiculously, the non-birth partner will need some blood tests too). They'll probably also test the AMH or ovarian reserve level at the same time. And they'll probably also ask for a scan to see how the fallopian tubes are functioning. Though, some clinics will I believe treat you without that, most won't.

If you're then a good candidate for IUI, which there's no reason you wouldn't be, they'll write you a specific plan and find you some sperm. For us the sperm matching took the longest, though it is a bit silly as there's a shortage of donor sperm and not much choice! I think that took about 10 days.

Then, it's a matter of when your cycle starts, and you can, in theory, crack on.

However, all sorts of things as well as clinic appointment availability can make the process longer.

My DP was straightforward. I went in, and an early scan found I had a large ovarian cyst, so I had to have that treated (which took months) before I could start again. We also had a delay because of sperm availability. You could also find you get into the treatment phase and you don't ovulate that month, or the follicle never gets big enough, so they have to tweak your medications (or, if you're on non-medicated IUI, rethink!).

Basically, before you get to the actual insemination bit, there's an awful lot that can be up in the air, which explains why it took six weeks with my DP and 15 months and counting for me.

Hederahelix · 14/05/2018 10:21

Thank you. That's really helpful. I've had a look over on the other threads and a lot my questions had been answered. It's nice to hear other people's experiences as we feel a bit like we are the only people going through this. The Pride and Joy book arrived, it such a good book! Thanks again for sharing your experience. Good luck on your journey.

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LRDtheFeministDragon · 18/05/2018 09:18

Good luck to you too! Smile

Rainbowmummies · 24/06/2018 07:54

We went through iui in January this year and are expecting our first! When we initially went to our gp to see how to start the whole process she had no idea but she made us an appointment a few weeks later and had done some research, she also said she found it really difficult to find information! She referred us for iui through the NHS but I do warn you the waiting times are very long. We got on the waiting list but started saving for private clinic in the main time. After a year and a half and no word from NHS we had saved enough to go private and the process was so fast! There is a hycosy test that you get first this is to make sure that you have no obstructions to your overies. They insert an object that I can only describe as a sort of dildo wand that does a kind of ultra sound of the inside of your womb to locate your overies then they insert a speculum like at a smear test and insert a catheter through this and inject some dye to check the flow to your ovaries to make sure there are no obstructions. After this test you basically pick sperm(this took the longest time for us as there is so much choice and so much information) and when the sperm is there you can arrange to start treatment. You get a blood test around 10 days after your period has started to check hormone levels and if they are at the right level you go in for the procedure. The procedure is quick only takes about 5/10 minutes! They insert a speculum and then insert a catheter with the sperm and inject it in. As simple as that! Then 2 weeks later you get a blood test to determine if it was successful! I hope this is helpful and I hope it all works out for you both! Best of luck x

Hederahelix · 29/06/2018 17:25

Thank you, that is helpful. Do you mind sharing which clinic you went to and/or how much it cost private?

Early June we were referred to a private fertility clinic (although linked to the NHS) this was after first contacting our GP in February. I've just received a letter for an initial appointment at an NHS hospital in late September, despite being told the appointment would be within 6 weeks from early June! Is it usual for the process to be this slow? And I'm unsure why my appointment is at this hospital...

I'll phone them, but the lack of information and sense of possible timescales is incredibly frustrating. We made the decision to pursue this in Jan, if we were straight we could have had a baby by the September appointment! It's not like I'm in a rush but having no clue has been very frustrating and upsetting.

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Rainbowmummies · 29/06/2018 17:59

We went with the GCRM they are a clinic in Glasgow but another clinic I've heard is good is the Londons woman clinic (they have clinics in a few other places in England not just London) each round of iui costs around 1300 but you also need a consultation appointment around 200 and a hycosy test which is 400. Then there is the sperm which we bought 3 straws of (a straw is basically one go) which was about 2200. The Londons woman clinic do offer some procedure reductions if you are interested in donating eggs, they also offer partner to partner egg sharing which means you can use your partners egg instead of your own but you would carry. So your basically like a surrogate to your partners egg. Your first appointment worh the NHS is likely to just be a consultation to make sure this is the right option for you ect then you will be on yet another waiting list for the actual procedure. It's a joke how long it takes! I hope all this makes sense, any feel free to ask anything else, happy to help where possible!

Hederahelix · 29/06/2018 18:17

Thank you. That's really helpful. Was it after the initial consultation where you didn't hear anything for 18 months? I'm confused as other couples receiving iui as private NHS patients at the clinic we thought we had been referred had reported the process being quite quick. It is the lack of information that is upsetting rather than the time itself. The disparity between different areas of the country also seems extremely unfair and adds to the confusion.

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Rainbowmummies · 29/06/2018 23:03

For us by the time we got an appointment for the consultation we were already pregnant through the private clinic. But were told. By nurse that even after initial consultation we would have been on another waiting list for actual treatment. Where in the country are you? We are in Scotland so the NHS iui treatment was nhs funded instead of self funded. If you are doing sled funded it might move quicker. We had no information so this is all just learnt from the experience we had so it may be different for you, It is crazy how much little information there is. It appears that if you are a straight couple doing iui the waiting time is so much less. I really hope you have better luck with the NHS and that you get seen and the whole process goes quickly for you, I understand how frustrating it can be! X

Hederahelix · 29/06/2018 23:26

We're in Yorkshire so it's self funded through the NHS. After asking around our timescales don't seem unusual, but other people who have used the same clinic found it quicker and the clinic themselves said it would be quicker... Anyway, I'll hopefully know more after calling them. I wish they were more forthcoming with information! Shocking that that's the case with straight couples and iui. Thanks again, and I just need to learn to relax and cope with the unknown Smile

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