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2 mummy families- what do we do on Mothers' Day?

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charliegal · 15/03/2007 16:17

This is our first. Do we treat each other like crazy, have different days or does bio-mum have queen status (it was me torn in two pushing him out, goddammit)? What do YOU do? (all three of you out there).
Or do we ignore the day?

OP posts:
Dottydot · 15/03/2007 16:49

Hi there - we've been through a few of these now and to be honest we don't really do anything! It's not a special day because we're both Mums, so it's kind of a non-starter. Hopefully when the boys are older we'll both get spoilt, but for the moment we're kind of ignoring it - in fact I was going to suggest to dp today that we don't bother getting each other cards - no point!

chipmonkey · 15/03/2007 16:57

The idea surely is that you both get each other things "from" the children! Any excuse goes for chocolate and flowers in my book!

Dottydot · 15/03/2007 20:29

But it's not as special as it is for other Mums! It'll be lovely to get stuff from the boys when they're old enough to do it themselves - until then the money's better saved for other occasions..!

BarbieLovesKen · 15/03/2007 20:47

im not a gay parent so forgive me if im intruding - I dont think ye should miss out on mothers day because of your sexual preference - you both are still mommys that care and work hard for your children throughout the year so I think why shouldnt you get recognised for this too? why dont ye both get eachother something small - even a card (its nice to have to look back on in years to come when your babies have flown the nest) and how about for one day of the year ye both dont do any housework (the house will still be there monday) dont do dishes etc let them pile, kick back and relax with little ones and maybe watch a dvd together as a family - all cook dinner together so no one is doing more than the other and relax!!

chipmonkey · 15/03/2007 20:49

Aw Dot, it should be as special!

chipmonkey · 15/03/2007 20:51

Barbie, are you Irish?

chipmonkey · 15/03/2007 20:51

Agree with Barbie, by the way!

Dottydot · 15/03/2007 20:51

We're just miserable sods in this house! Dp works all day Sunday anyway and I'm a bit Bree-ish around the house, so no dishes piling up around here!

Ds1's brought something home from school for each of us - all wrapped up - and one each as well, which is nice, so that'll be lovely on Sunday - he's so excited about it he wanted us to open them tonight!

chipmonkey · 15/03/2007 20:53

Are you Bree-ish, Dot? I'd love to be Bree-ish but am more likely to appear on "How clean is your house?"

Dottydot · 15/03/2007 20:55

I really try to be Bree-ish - I'm definitely a Bree at heart, but having 2 small boys and a dp who isn't at all Bree-ish makes it very difficult..!!

I yearn for a minimalistic house - all airy and light - instead I've got a ramshackle old terrace hidden under mounds of plastic crap!

BarbieLovesKen · 15/03/2007 21:01

lol!... eh..yeah..I am actually (Irish).. Are you physic?

fireflyfairy2 · 15/03/2007 21:04

Are you North or South/West BLK? We have a thread for the NI mammies, but I think you might be Southern/West

I think the same as barbie actually

Let the house go to pot, clean up on Monday You cook dinner, let dp do dessert

BarbieLovesKen · 15/03/2007 21:04

Chipmonkey - how did you know that???

fireflyfairy2 · 15/03/2007 21:04

Or.... be a devil Let dp be dessert

BarbieLovesKen · 15/03/2007 21:06

FFF2 - lol - i am getting really freaked out - im checking the house for cameras to see if im on BB or something....

your right, im in the South (but in midlands)

Is it something im saying?

fireflyfairy2 · 15/03/2007 21:30

I don't know actually.

Don't know how chipmonkey knew you were Irish. But I just thought you weren't Northern Irish. Where's the Midlands??

jeangenie · 15/03/2007 21:32
BarbieLovesKen · 15/03/2007 21:33


my "bogger" accent must be coming through on my posts..

BarbieLovesKen · 15/03/2007 21:36

jg - yeah, I was thinking that too..
but then does everyone not use that "ye" when speaking about 2 people...

na, im probably wrong there...

jeangenie · 15/03/2007 21:38

I think it is a particularly Irish thing, not sure English people do it, it would be "you" in the plural (I think)

Gay Mums - treat each other for goodness sake, and then do it all again on Father's day

fireflyfairy2 · 15/03/2007 21:39

I say "Youse" but would never post that

traceyn · 15/03/2007 21:49

do you have a farthers day as well ? not too familiar with gay parenting roles ? will child call you both mum ? sorry so nosey


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Dottydot · 15/03/2007 22:03

Traceyn - our boys are 5 and nearly 3 and call us both Mummy and then our initials. Yes, we celebrate father's day as well because they've got a Dad who they see often - and adore!

traceyn · 15/03/2007 22:07

How nice, my 2 dd's would love to have two mummy's to run around after them.

chipmonkey · 15/03/2007 23:08

Barbie, don't get freaked, it was the "ye".

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