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This board is primarily for those whose children have LGBTQ+ parents to share their personal experiences and advice.

LGBT parents

Gay / Lesbian Parents in Bedford?

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CharKud · 02/01/2015 20:55

Hello Everyone ??

Me & partner are a lesbian couple in the bedfordshire area with two young twins. We are looking to meet up / chat with any other LGBT couples in the area who have also started a family as we don't know any other LGBT parents.

We'd love to hear from anyone.


OP posts:
anasouza · 20/04/2015 15:56

Hi, me and my partner live in luton we have 2 girls one 9 and one 3, we do feel quite lonely as we wish we could have other lesbian/gay parents to be friends. If you would like please do contact us and maybe we could all meet. Thanks

Cf10 · 10/04/2016 14:09

Hey! My partner & I live in Bedfordshire also, I am currently 22 weeks pregnant and it would be great to get in touch with women who have been through the same as what we are. If u have any advice, or know of any lesbian mum groups then I'd love to get involved x

FirsttimemumJan18 · 11/08/2017 08:57

Hi, we are expecting our first child in January after a rollercoaster IVF journey. Although I have a great family support network who are over the moon for me and my fiancé, would be great to know and get advice from other mums who have been on the journey we have just started x

CC2012 · 24/10/2017 13:49

Hi all, myself and my partner are looking to start a family, we currently live in bedford. Is there anyone in the area interested in meeting/chatting?

FirsttimemumJan18 · 11/12/2017 04:28

Hi Have you started your journey yet?

gabbylondon · 07/01/2018 14:38

We live in Milton Keynes and would love to meet up

RainbowJay · 15/01/2018 10:20


We are also a two Mum family living in Luton who would like to meet up.

Feel free to message me if interested xx

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