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Lesbian couples : IVF funding where there is a known fertility problem (Worthing/ West Sussex)

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ricky1980 · 27/10/2014 20:44

Does anyone have any experience of Lesbians with fertility problems being able to access IVF on the NHS? We have been trying IUI for the past year and our have now confirmed that my partner is releasing eggs before they are mature enough to be fertilised. Therefore they have recommended IVF.
We want to explore getting this funded on the NHS - has anyone got any experience of this? We have sperm already purchased and frozen at the clinic. We are based in Worthing, West Sussex. The guidelines on the CCG do not mention same sex couples.

I know that funding for same sex couples is generally not available, but wondered if it changes if there is a known problem rather than just needing donor insemination.

Thanks for your help.......

OP posts:
Smee146 · 28/10/2014 13:21

Hi, I'm not sure about your area but I'm in Kent and when my partner and I attended our doctors she said we could have nhs treatment only if the carrier parent had not had children before. i.e. naturally conceived. We eventually elected to go private and it all worked first time for us. Good luck with whatever path you take... Xx

Smee146 · 28/10/2014 13:23

Go to your Doctors, they should help you.. It's my understand in Kent you would be offered 3 attempts regardless of and problems. Hope this has helped. Xx

almostfullyfunctional · 12/11/2014 18:10

They should fund you. We ended up going private as I wanted to hatch dp's eggs and I'm older. They don't fund that. We are egg sharing with another recipient (anonymously) who is paying for all of dp's treatment, it's partly altruism and partly finance I guess. We will be collecting eggs someone next week hopefully Smile

JubJubBirds · 10/12/2014 13:33

How did you get on ricky? I'm going to my GP next week to ask the same question as you, the guidelines are so unclear though I cant preempt what they might say.

How did the egg collection go almost?

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