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This board is primarily for those whose children have LGBTQ+ parents to share their personal experiences and advice.

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2 questions re: IVF and legalities of parenting

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ThePartyArtist · 28/03/2014 12:31

Can anyone tell me the answer to the following:

  1. Are chances of conceiving LOWER if done by IVF than naturally, (assuming the woman has no fertility problems)?

  2. If one of a lesbian couple carries the pregnancy, how does the other lesbian parent get recognised legally? Do they adopt the child or is there a way of the law recognising a lesbian woman's partner as the legal parent?
OP posts:
armsinjumpers · 28/03/2014 20:06

IVF has the highest chance of success which is why they offer it to couples (well hetties anyway) who have problems conceiving naturally.

If you have gone through a civil partnership or now marriage the non bio mum will be on the BC as the other parent and therefore have full parental responsibility.

We've been through this as a lesbian couple, feel free to ask anything else you're not sure of.

Good luck x

Brogue · 31/03/2014 16:25

Actually, even if you're not in a civil partnership or married, there's a form you can fill out before conceiving that will ensure your partner can be on the birth certificate.

Also, remember you can get NHS treatment, and unless you have fertility issues you will probably be offered IUI first, which has worse odds but is onviously less invasive

Sebs08 · 31/03/2014 17:19

Hi brogue,

You mentioned in your post that lesbian couples are eligible for NHS treatment? I have been led to believe that even if your in a same sex relationship you are not eligible for NHS treatment unless you have fertility issues?

expuffinbookclub · 01/04/2014 21:24

Some NHS trusts will offer funded fertility treatment to same sex couples. You can normally check this on your local hospital web-site. I live in Hackney and was entitled to 6 cycles of IUI and 3 cycles of IVF - I think the entitlement can change over time (this was in 2011). I got pregnant on the first round of IVF. I didn't have any underlying fertility issues and my GP was happy to refer me to my local hospital - that's how I started the process. Good luck!

Sebs08 · 02/04/2014 16:26

Thanks for the info, it seems the treatment offered in hackney for same sex couples is very different from the treatment we can get in the area I live...we need to pay for 6 rounds of IUI before being considered for NHS treatment and the success rates (as proven in your case) are very low...

Brogue · 04/04/2014 21:41

Sorry, just seen this. We were also in Hackney where they would fund 6 goes at IUI and 3 IVFs. It worked on the second try at IUI. Are you sure your PCT (or whatever they are called now) have followed the rules? Might be worth an email to Stonewall or similar as I know some couples who were initially turned down by their GPs but we're successful when they complained...

Sebs08 · 04/04/2014 22:18

Thanks for the info seems hackney is great for funding...
CCG as they are now called, the problem is the information for what same sex couples are entitled to is very limited...great news that you were successful in your second attempt of IUI as it seems we will need to go down the privately funded IUI route...

Brogue · 05/04/2014 23:10

Such a shame everywhere isn't like Hackney! The important thing to remember about IUI is that the statistics are mostly made up of straight couples who have had difficulty conceiving so aren't as bad as they first appear...

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