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TF1 News, French Television, is looking for Gay stepparents

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TF1News · 08/11/2013 15:50

TF1 News, leading French Television, is doing a news piece for its weekly prime time news programme on the stepparents’ rights.

In France, a new section to a proposed legislation granting rights to step-parents states that the new bill is also applicable to households made up of two adults of the same sex.
A French bill granting rights to stepparents sparked a row in government last week when a minister described it as an under-handed way of recognizing gay parents and vowed to fight the measure.

TF1 News London Bureau would like to interview in the London area, on camera, gay stepparents on the stepparents’ rights in England and film them with their child to illustrate the interview.

TF1 is the leading broadcaster in France and its prime time news programme attracts on average 8 million viewers a day.

TF1 News (France’s premier broadcasting network) broadcasts to some 500,000 Britons currently living in France.

Regular correspondence from our British viewers highlights their interests in and demand for information on the UK, which we provide. Furthermore, there are approximately 300,000 French people living in London, around 400,000 in the UK as a whole. In addition, TF1 broadcasts globally to the French speaking world (Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco, Switzerland and North African countries).

It has frequently been noted that the London bureau of TF1 promotes, through its balance and professional reporting, many positive aspects and developments within the UK to our worldwide audience.

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