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Can a homosexual male become straight?

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Dorange · 14/07/2013 21:11

I know it is probably the most stupid question and I don't mean to offend anyone but I need to know if a gay guy can be or become interested in women and turn/stay straight...?
Or if he is interested in women, it means he is bi and that is it?

OP posts:
MaryKatharine · 14/07/2013 21:15

I think the simple answer is no. That's not to say a gay man could not fall in love with a woman on an emotional level and want to stay faithful to her. However, he would not suddenly become sexually attracted to her, no.

Dorange · 14/07/2013 21:21

It is so weird, because there is this gay guy in one of the meetings (spiritual) I am going to. Since 1st time we looked at each other he has been acting as though as he is highly attracted to me and he is openly gay, although his partner doesn't attend the meetings.
It can't be emotional level as we never had a proper conversation yet, but I am an attractive women and from young age learnt how to read the signs of men attraction and I was 100% sure this guy was attracted to me until found out he is gay and married. Than I became very confused...
I think he is probably bi then...

OP posts:
xalyssx · 14/07/2013 21:56

A lot of gay people are sexually attracted to the same gender but they can have romantic crushes on people of the opposite gender.

Dorange · 14/07/2013 22:53

ooh how cute if he has a romantic crush on me.
I hope we become friends since he seems to be a very nice person, I am totally in awe of him.
However, I acted awkwardly when i found out he is gay and married because i was attracted to him, see. I didn't want to give it away, was concerned of people noticing.
But now I am over it, just looking for friendship really.

OP posts:
nataliejc77 · 16/08/2013 08:20

yes they can. sexual orientation is fluid and for some people can change over time. that is why is is not always a good idea to assign yourself a label.

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