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This board is primarily for those whose children have LGBTQ+ parents to share their personal experiences and advice.

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Any same sex parents in Northamptonshire area looking for friends?

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RiaD · 14/05/2013 08:54

Hi All,

My partner and I are a lesbian couple with young twins in the Northants area looking to chat/meet with other GLBT parents. Would be nice just to chat/meet up with others in a simlar situation as us as we currents do not know any other GLBT parents.
If anyone is in a similar situation or wants to get in touch then please do.

OP posts:
Baleeire · 22/07/2013 13:30

Hi RiaD
I know you are probably looking more for families with children already as playmates for your own, but just wanted to say hi. My partner and I live in Northampton. We are going to start trying for a baby this Autumn. Be great to meet other local lesbian families.


mariaandhannah · 04/08/2013 18:08


We are a same sex couple also that has recently had a baby and are looking for other couples within a similar situation for friendship. Would love to hear from you.


sumo0610 · 29/08/2013 19:21

Hi RiaD / Baleeire / mariaandhannah

We are a same sex couple (First baby, a boy) is due in 6weeks and would be great to get to know other couples out there. We have lived in Northampton for 3years but working in London meant we haven't met people around Northampton yet.

be good to hear from you all - How old are your babies? /or when are they due?

Sue & Moya x

pelrow · 29/08/2013 22:14

Hi sue and moya

Hope your pregnancy is progressing well and you are enjoying it? My partner kerri and I had twin girls in January and they are 7 months old now.

We are currently living in Harpole temporarily and don't know any other same sex couples in the area let alone any who have children / are expecting! If you fancy meeting up for a coffee / natter please let us know

Pelly and Kerri

mariaandhannah · 09/09/2013 19:32

Hi all, Sue, Moya, Pelly and Kerri,

Apologies for the delay in response babies absorb a lot of time lol as you all know or soon will!
Coffee sounds good but weekends would be best as I work during the week!

Our little one is just past 3 months we are knack weed but she makes it so worthwhile would love to share stories experiences and just a little bit of a natter with others that understand what we are/went through!

Give me a shout if interested in arranging a coffee/ meet up take care 😃

sumo0610 · 07/11/2013 20:24

Hi all

Sorry for delay in replying to your Last message (all mumsnet messages went into junk folder!). I had my little boy a week overdue on 14th October so he is 3&half weeks old now. Did you guys ever meet up with each other?

It would be good to get everyone to meet up in Northampton .i can't seem to send PMs. We are till finding our feet with feeds and sleep (or lack of it!). How about we pick a weekend and meet in one of the larger coffee shops in Northampton town (opera cafe maybe? Opposite primark). I don't mind weekdays but for those of you working- let's start with a weekend- any date suggestions?

Take care

Sue & Moya (& new baby Maxwell!)

sumo0610 · 07/11/2013 20:33

This is a cafe near to us that we went to today (monthly Baby Bistro meeting)- first Thursday of every month 930-1115 and includes a free drink, chance to meet mums and babies of all ages. It was our first meeting and there were babies from 3wk(us) to 8months.

Maybe a place to meet in future?? Breastfeeding friendly cafe.

CharKud · 29/12/2014 10:52

Hey everyone, just wondering if this thread is still active?

Have any meeting groups been set up if so i would love to bring my two along & meet other parents in the same situation.

Looking forward to hearing from u all soon


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