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This board is primarily for those whose children have LGBTQ+ parents to share their personal experiences and advice.

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What to b called !!

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lynsey212 · 08/04/2013 19:28

I am a new parent with my gf and was wondering wat other lesbian couples call themselves ... Mum /mummy / mom / mama etc
We were thinking of both being mummy but is that going to confuse things !

OP posts:
DrSeuss · 09/04/2013 10:27

I think as long as you pick something, mum, mummy, your name, for each of you and stick to it absolutely it will be fine. It would be confusing for a child to hear you say Lynsey one minute and Mum the next so consistency would be the key. If you really want to, you could even use a foreign language word for mum or invent a new one!

KarateChopper · 14/04/2013 09:52

Why not join us and ask a host of other LGBT families what they do at (It's free!) :-)

lynsey212 · 24/04/2013 12:40

Thanks for the response we decided mummy Lynsey and mummy ticky ( that's a nick name everyone uses for Vicky) we decided mum and mummy would not work as wen he is older mummy would not b appropriate and other people need to b able tell us apart 2 wen talking about us is mummy ticky at work .
Although it could b different next wk I change my mind its a hard decision :!

OP posts:
rhetorician · 29/04/2013 22:51

We are mummy d (my name) and mummy r (partners name), but DD 1 (4) calls us both mummy unless she needs to differentiate. DD2 (1) calls us both mmmammma

flipflopson5thavenue · 08/06/2013 20:56

when DS was first born we were both mummy, but now we're mummy (bio) and mama (non-bio). But DS is only 11 mo so am sure he'll come up with his own versions when he's older

Amyzoe2 · 10/06/2013 14:58

Hi me and my partner wondered what we shud be called for while and settled for mummy then mum when older and for my partner mammy then mam when older our daughter has just turned one and we didn't properly decide till we was writing her birthday card out we had both been mummy till then.we thought it might get confusing for her later on if she's calling for one of us we wouldn't know which one.:-)

KashKari · 25/08/2013 13:54

We've struggled too. Family find it confusing to the point they get a bit annoyed about lack of clarity. My partners says he'll call us what he wants, but really I think he'll copy what ever we use. Currently we're using mummy C (name) for my partner and (name) K mum for me. What is more confusing is at 2 he's still not talking so we use the normal baby sign for mummy C and a made up sign for K mum. He tends to use them both for both of us. It feels important to resolve, but perhaps its not?!

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