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This board is primarily for those whose children have LGBTQ+ parents to share their personal experiences and advice.

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Moving to Brighton/Hove.

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dyslexicdespot · 21/03/2013 19:05

My family and I are planning to move to Brighton/Hove this autumn. We will be renting and would like to live in an area with other queer/queer friendly families and a good supportive primary school.

Other bonuses would be (in no particular order) areas with a strong sense of community and a nice dog park.

Any suggestion?

OP posts:
sanfran · 27/07/2013 18:23

Hi ya we're moving to Brighton in aug and also are looking for the same as you!! Any joy yet???? We have 3 and half yr old twins! Be good to chat sometime !! My email is [email protected] don x

burberryqueen · 27/07/2013 18:24


sanfran · 29/08/2013 08:04

Hi ya we've finally got exchange on our place in south london and found a lovely flat to rent near hove park!! We've been down to Brighton and hove so much in hols, it's been a trek but moving down there permanently on fri 13th!!!! God of all the days. We have found a nursery, it's part of a Surestart centre. Let us know how you get on don x

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