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This board is primarily for those whose children have LGBTQ+ parents to share their personal experiences and advice.

LGBT parents

Lesbian or Gay parents in Cambridgeshire/Peterborough/East Anglia?

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sarahwr1ght · 31/01/2013 19:12

I am a lesbian mum with a 15yr old daughter, I am in a great relationship with my partner and was looking to chat to other gay women or men - any age of kids but to share our thoughts and expereinces on being parents.
My daughter has grown up with a lesbian mum and is totally comfortable and happy about everything!
Happy to chat on here, or via email etc or if any parents in the Cambs, Peterborough, East Anglia area who would like to meet up great too!

OP posts:
Hollydolly92 · 13/03/2013 21:13

Hi sarah, me and my partner are looking to start a family through AI at home. I know its a cheeky question but im hoping to meet someone to talk to and get to know, someone who has been through the experiences that we are going to have. I just wondered if you were interested in chatting? Holly x

mrsposhtrash · 08/04/2013 15:19

Hi Sarah, we're a lesbian couple with five children, the youngest is 2, and very happy together. We live about a 45 min drive from Cambridge - to the south. Would be happy to chat so please do get in touch...

KarateChopper · 14/04/2013 09:55

I have recently started a social networking website for all us LGBT parents to make it easier for us to meet other like-minded people Pop a long and have a look - it's free :-)

Weirdwombat · 21/06/2013 08:04

Not sure if you would be interested as I am married to a man, but me and my hubby are both bisexual and are expecting our first child in Feb.

loulou82mum · 01/08/2013 18:48

Hi me and my wife have a 9 yea old and are in the Norwich area, would love to meet other mums :)

Kateedwards · 17/09/2014 19:30

Hi there my partner charlotte and I have 20 month old son and would love to meet other lesbian or gay parents in the norfolk area

MummyMimmyMax · 11/07/2016 20:41

Hi, I know this is an old post but I'm hoping there may still be some interest in talking to other lesbian couple parents. We have a 4 year old boy and currently we live on the Norfolk/Lincolnshire/Cambridgeshire border but we are looking to move closer to Peterborough in the upcoming months. If there's anyone who'd like to chat or maybe meet up at some point soon we are happy to travel and love to message people and share experiences. Thanks

Nats2016 · 25/07/2016 10:21

Hello, we're in East Anglia, also happy to travel. My wife and I are looking to meet new friends and families like us. We have a 4 year old daughter but currently only know heterosexual couples, we don't want her growing up thinking she's the only child with two mums.

Jooles999 · 31/07/2016 21:00

Hi there. My wife and I are in a small village just south of Peterborough with our 9 year old DS. Happy to meet up/email.

SpottieOttie · 03/08/2016 11:31

Glad this has been resuscitated. My wife and I are just trying for our first, first IVF next month, and I was hoping to find a same-sex parenting group or similar. I know we are not parents yet, but just thinking (and hoping!) ahead and thinking it would be great to have a bit of community. We live between Cambridge and Huntingdon. x

Tappy79 · 29/08/2016 09:00

I am currently pregnant and due in January. My wife and I have been looking for something like this for a while and are glad there are others close by that are in the same boat. We are in Cambridgeshire and have not met any same sex couples that are going through this process so it would be great to find out about others experiences.

LRDtheFeministDragon · 31/08/2016 23:16

Have you come across Sister Act, tappy? Google them - they're a lesbian group based in Cambridge and have quite a lot of members who are parents.

DP's due in March.

Congratulations to you on yours. Smile

Kirst713 · 08/06/2017 14:10

Hello Nats2016 I'm east angila to, me and my partner are looking to meet other mums :) we have a 9 month old boy.
Would love to meet.

Tappy79 · 08/06/2017 14:36

We have a 5 month old girl and would be happy to meet up too. We are in cambridgeshire.

Kirst713 · 08/06/2017 15:03

That would be fab Tappy :) If your ever over Great Yarmouth I'd be happy to meet as meet in Cambridge will have to be prearranged as only wife drives :)

kathylawrenceclarke · 08/07/2017 22:16

Hey, really happy to have found this chat! We're just north of Peterborough and my wife and I have three great kids who are 5,3 and 1. The eldest is just starting to think about how his family is a bit different and I know he'd be very excited to meet some other 2-mummy families if anyone fancies it? X

LRDtheFeministDragon · 10/07/2017 01:18

kathy, you might do better to post a new thread? Only because people might see it more quickly since the last reply on this was in June.

We're in Cambridge but always nice to know other mums. Smile

FirsttimemumJan18 · 11/08/2017 06:11

We are in Bedford and expecting our first child in January! after an emotional IUI & IVF journey. It doesn't seem real yet as no movements felt yet (I'm 18 weeks today). I have a very supportive family network who are over the moon for me and my fiancé but I really want to meet other lesbian/gay parents and expectant parents too. I start my first 'expectant mums' classes next month for 8 weeks so I guess the pregnancy will seem real then!

Tappy79 · 11/08/2017 06:38

Congratulations. Hope your feeling ok? It's such an emotional journey being pregnant but very worth it in the end. Our daughter was supposed to be born in Jan but made a surprise appearance on Christmas eve! We would be happy to meet up and chat, Bedford isnt that far from us.

gabbylondon · 26/09/2017 22:09

We are in Milton Keynes so not too far. Have 6y old and 9 months old. Would love to meet other families

CC2012 · 24/10/2017 13:42

Hi all, myself and my partner are looking to start a family, we currently live in bedford. Is there anyone in the area interested in meeting/chatting? FirsttimemumJan18 hope your pregnancy is going well, we can't wait

CC2012 · 24/10/2017 13:47

Hi all, myself and my partner are looking to start a family, we currently live in bedford. Is there anyone in the area interested in meeting/chatting?


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CC2012 · 24/10/2017 13:50

sorry put that message again in this thread meant to put in another one and can't delete my second comment oops

Tappy79 · 24/10/2017 13:57

Hi, sorry thought i replied last time but must not have done! We would be happy to meet up we are not too far from Bedford and would be happy to meet halfway somewhere to share our experience. Our little girl is 10 months old today.

CC2012 · 24/10/2017 15:01

Hi Tappy79, do you know how to message on here without giving away email addresses on a public domain? would love to chat/meet

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