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This board is primarily for those whose children have LGBTQ+ parents to share their personal experiences and advice.

LGBT parents

'Godparent' issue

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JSMAP · 12/12/2012 18:23

Me and my partner have adopted a little boy - I'd love to get him christened but doubt our local churches will help with this.. Has anyone any thoughts?

We appointed 'God parents' and have a fab GM and GF but one of the GM's whos my oldest friend, has changed recently, got a boyfriend, changed priorities and out relationship an the one she has with out son isnt the same. I really want to 'unask' her but feel awful. A friend Ive only known a short time has been a rock to me throughout the whole becoming a parent process and shes amazing with our son and he loves her... Is it bad form to have a team of GM's? Considering a formal christening might not happen, would having several GM's be 'ok'? I can only see plus points for my son

OP posts:
EmpressOfTheNorthPole · 13/12/2012 01:29

Congratulations and I think whatever you want is ok.

I wouldn't give up on the local churches until you've checked either - where are you?

BrainGoneAwol · 14/12/2012 14:53

Agree with Empress. It's worth asking around, my church in Islington would absolutely do one. I only wish we'd known of them when we had our civil partnership as they would have done a blessing too.

Themumsnotroastingonanopenfire · 14/12/2012 14:56

My youngest DD has three GMs and a GF. The other two have two of each. You can have what you want.
Regarding where to get christened you would be surprised at how many vicars are fine with christening the children of non-churchgoers. Ask around and you will probably find a church that is willing to welcome you.

EmpressOfTheNorthPole · 15/12/2012 01:44

There's this guide to welcoming churches, JSMAP. Not that many on there yet but maybe one of them's near you? If not, it might be worth emailing the closest to find out if they can suggest anywhere nearer to you.

kandle · 17/12/2012 20:07

We had a humanist ceremony which, as well as being right for us philosophically also enabled us to choose how we wanted to organise things.

We couldn't decide on Godparents and found ourselves having to think about the feelings of those we asked or didn't ask!!

In the end we decided that everyone we invited (about 40) was a special person and therefore consider them all Godparents of a sort.

Good luck

xkcdfangirl · 17/12/2012 20:39

Seconding/thirding/fourthing that there will be plenty of churches that would be delighted to christen your child without giving a moment's thought to the sexuality of the parents. They may want to talk to you a bit about why you want a christening - and if by any chance you perhaps were not planning to bring up the child as a (liberal and obviously non-homophobic variety of) christian then they may suggest a special service of thanksgiving and blessing instead (though some churches will be happy to do a christening even if they aren't expecting to see the family again).

There are vast vast numbers of faithful practicing christians who are accepting and loving of LGBT fellow-christians and LGBT non-christians alike, and plenty of LGBT christians too. It's just that the media like to portray the foaming-at-the-mouth-homophobics as representative of the church as it makes a better story for them. Please don't give up on the church just yet if a christening is the right choice for your family (congratulations by the way!)

Revshaz · 03/01/2013 16:27

I would be happy to Christen/name/baptise your baby. You can have as many God parents as you wish - most couples have three - often two of the same gender as the baby and one opposite but there are no rules about this.

I am the senior pastor at a church in Camden. you can contact me on [email protected]

Mandilinki · 08/02/2013 05:52

Hi there, I have been meaning to come and check out your church for a while now. My baby is 11 weeks old and I would really love to have him christened. Is there a course before you can get the baby christened? And is there a long wait?
I look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks, Mandi

Hugglepuff · 04/03/2013 08:08

Hope your baby's christening is truly incredible. I have the privilege to be my nephew's godmother ( my sister and her girlfriend's son). It was a beautiful and emotional service at a local Cathedral, it felt just as special and meaningful as all other christening's that I have been to and all were made to feel welcome.

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