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This board is primarily for those whose children have LGBTQ+ parents to share their personal experiences and advice.

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Wanting to meet other Two Mums in West Sussex

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belliz · 28/08/2011 09:41

We're moving from Surrey to a small village near Crawley at the end of September and would like to get in touch with other two mum families nearby or within a reasonable distance. We have an 18 month old son and would love for him to make friends with other children who have two mums like he does. I work part time so would love to meet for coffee or soft play or whatever during the week.

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stripesnotspots · 07/11/2011 17:31

Posted this for someone else too but just as applicable!

Hello - you should check out Brighton rainbow families - lots of gay parents with young children and members from all over Sussex. We usually have one regular meet up with kids a month plus an adult evening social. As well as that members make more informal meets using the facebook page.

Find the FB page under
Brighton Rainbow families 2011/2012

MABS · 08/11/2011 17:02

come to our Brighton meet up 3 Dec

Lintonbriggs · 15/12/2011 10:31

Hi There, we live about 20 mins from Crawley near lingfield....also looking to meet other gay parents and families, let us know if you are about for coffee!

Paddie · 10/05/2012 13:16


Another gay mum checking in

I'm new to the board and I live in East Grinstead though my children are all a bit older than yours.

I'd be happy to meet for coffees if they're still on offer

cupboardday · 10/06/2012 20:20

Hi - We're planning to move to Crawley in the next couple of months. We've got 2 children (3 & 5). We both work part-time so would be up for meeting up either during the week or at the weekend. We're totally new to the area so need general advice on things to do too!

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