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This board is primarily for those whose children have LGBTQ+ parents to share their personal experiences and advice.

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Book recommendations for lesbian families?

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Grumpla · 25/08/2011 20:46

I have just found out that my sister and her wife are pregnant!!!!!!! I am ridiculously excited Grin

I'd like to start buying some books about lesbian families to read with my own DS (2.5) and would really like some recommendations. Even if they are a bit "old" for DS at the moment anything with good pictures would be fine as we could simplify storylines etc at first.

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Grumpla · 26/08/2011 19:48


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iskra · 26/08/2011 19:55

Saw this in Active conversations.

I borrowed "Heather has two mommies" from the library the other day. Too old for DD age 3 really, but the pictures & a simplified version of the story are good. It actually makes me tear up a little Blush

Grumpla · 26/08/2011 20:00

Aww Grin I will probably weep like a baby then.

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LouGlasgow · 25/11/2011 21:29

Just noticed this post! Congratulations! Becoming an auntie is so exciting.

I bought a couple of books for our son. Spacegirl pukes and if I had 100 mumies both have lesbian mums and are fun to read. I also love King and King which is about a king trying to find a wife and in the process falls for another prince. It is such a lovely book with gorgeous illustrations. My all time favourite is And Tango Makes Three but it is unfortunatelt out of print. Its a real life story about 2 male penguins who adopt and hatch an egg together. Its such a lovely storey which makes me well up everytime I read it!

Oh and there is a simple board book for toddlers called mommy, mama & me. My 17 month old son loves this one. It would be a great present for the new baby.

Hope that helps :-)

hermioneweasley · 25/11/2011 21:32

The family book by Todd parr is a lovely celebration of how different families can be

hester · 25/11/2011 23:58

If I had 100 mummies definitely gets my vote.

That Julia Donaldson book - Tabby McTat? - the one about the cat, has a lesbian couple in it. Well, she doesn't SAY they're a lesbian couple but they obviously are Grin

But I have to say that generally there is a bit of a dearth. There was a group called 'Out for our children' that produced Spacegirl pukes etc, but it seems to have dried up.

Congratulations to your sister Smile

rhetorician · 26/11/2011 20:10

hester yes, we noticed that couple in Tabby McTat too! My dd is at the age where she is starting to notice this stuff (recent quote 'K [cousin] has one mummy and is 6 months older than me; I have two mummies'), so more books would be good. We have all of the ones mentioned here other than the 100 mummies one

I'll get my DP to write one...

singarainbow · 29/11/2011 15:52

more votes for:
The family book
And tango makes Three
mommy, mama & me
if I had 100 mummies
king & king
king and king and family
heather has two mommies
mollys family
the different dragon (esp good as about a boy with 2 mums)

lizziebennet · 05/12/2011 10:26

'It's Okay To Be Different' is another great Todd Parr book - lovely and positive about all forms of diversity.

savoycabbage · 05/12/2011 10:31

I got and tango makes three from the book rather than .uk a couple of months ago, we love it, and king and king and the Todd Parr one.

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