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This board is primarily for those whose children have LGBTQ+ parents to share their personal experiences and advice.

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Where would you live?

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antimony · 21/02/2011 20:26

-has to be within reasonable commuting distance of London or in London itself
-good secondary state schools, pref not grammar unless the comps are good too
-things to do and not isolated for an only child
Any suggestions?

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outoftheboxmummy · 22/02/2011 19:32


noddyholder · 22/02/2011 19:33


drivingmisscrazy · 22/02/2011 20:59

yes, I was going to say Brighton too :o

antimony · 23/02/2011 13:44

still a bit far for a daily commute though, Brighton, isn't it? Though lovely. think we are chasing the impossible here.

OP posts:
noddyholder · 23/02/2011 13:46

Most Brighton families have at least one parent commuting if not 2 and there is always the possibility of relocating jobs once settled

Goalie · 23/02/2011 19:38

Canterbury ?

Binfullofmaggotsonthe45 · 23/02/2011 19:47

Brighton I concur, am not gay btw, just saw the thread, but my sons god daddies are, and that is where they live. We love that they feel so relaxed there, when we are out and about, holding hands in Asda etc, no one blinks an eye. I have to cringingly say I never thought about this until we went on holiday together and heard comments I am a bit innocent in these things I think! I have always been of the live and let live mindset, so it amazed me when people felt it was their business Blush Great provisions for kids, gd A was a head of a huge primary there with fantastic facilities, sadly he had to retire early.

Loads of fab parks and the beach for the kids. Great events, concerts, cinemas, shopping, restaurants, Art festivals, music festivals ahhhh I love it there!

When we come back to the UK we want to live there as they are ds only family really.

Gd B commutes daily to Victoria on the fast train, he gets home between 6.30 and 7 pm but works long hours tbf.

Binfullofmaggotsonthe45 · 23/02/2011 19:48

Sorry that was meant to be an Angry face.....!

curpring · 28/02/2011 21:25

stoke newington... ticks all your boxes!

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