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This board is primarily for those whose children have LGBTQ+ parents to share their personal experiences and advice.

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Assisted Conception on the NHS

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outoftheboxmummy · 21/02/2011 01:11

Hi all

Wondering if i could pick the brains of those who are already mothers or those like me and my partner are on the path to becoming mothers...

We have pursued the path of getting pregnant using a known donor which after a few attempts we have decided isnt how we wish to proceed. So we are looking into fertility treatment via a clinic/hospital.

We are fairly well in the know about our options if we fund our treatment ourselves but Im wondering if we are eligible for treatment on the NHS?? I would assume so... but what are my rights as a lesbian...does anyone know??

I live in Essex and have been reading the policies etc this evening and there is no mention of assistance for Lesbians and cant find much conclusive online.

Im going to go have a chat with my GP but am expecting that I'm going to have abit of a fight on my hands so want to be in the know so to speak about my rights before I discussing things with my GP.

Can anyone give me any info or share there experiences with me?

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wrighty2010 · 28/02/2011 14:20

Hi, just read your post. Can I ask why you are changing from trying yourself to using a clinic? I believe there is a very long waiting list for clinics around the country and my friend has just paid for her own treatment and it cost over £5k. Have a look at a website called Pride Angel, it is for people going through this process and also for sperm and egg donors. They have a legal advice part so may be able to give you some more detailed advice or there may be someone going through the same experience that you can talk to. have a look if you get chance. Best wishes Dawn x

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