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This board exists primarily for parents of LGBT children to swap support and advice. Others are welcome to post but please be supportive.

Detransitioners - a clinical neglect tsunami

Nightmare2022 · 01/07/2022 11:58

I’m interested in any thoughts on this Blogfrom the barrister of a detransitioner who is suing NHS.

I’m a parent of a 16 year old dd with ASD who is identifying as non-binary and wants to have surgery to remove breasts. She also suffers from anxiety and depression. I do not care what gender she wishes to identify as or what pronouns she wants to use. I use they/them when she is around but don’t bother otherwise. People get really confused with they/them.

I am very concerned about her having surgery and taking cross-sex hormones to be more masculine and then not feeling any different because her biological sex was never the root of her problems. I would never give consent to surgery or hormones but when she is 18 she can go ahead.

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