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Points on licence error

Alltheleavesaregreen1 · 01/07/2022 11:32

Hi, was wondering if anyone knows what to to do about this.
I moved house in 2018 and stupidly forgot to update my logbook address for my car. Unbeknownst to me I got caught speeding (35 in a 30) and was convicted in my absence for failing to give driver information (6 penalty points). I asked the court to reopen the prosecution, pleaded guilty to speeding (3 points) and they said all was okay now and that I was acquitted of the failing to provide info. However, I just checked my DVLA record and now BOTH convictions are on there - 9 points rather than 3. So the court must not have informed the DVLA that the original 6 points should be wiped (but informed them of the 3 points). Any ideas? Should I contact the court about it? Presumably they will still have a record. Many thanks.

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