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Complicated will/probate etc questions

sleepingbeauty100154 · 27/06/2022 16:53

Hi all, this may be long, but any help will be appreciated.
Back story:
8 years ago, I went with my mum to write her will (her choice). At that time, her wishes were for her estate to be split 5 ways - 1/5 for each of her children (there are 4 of us) and the last 1/5 to be split between any grandchildren (she had 7 at that time).
Fast forward to 6 years ago when I met my partner, my mum and I had several nasty arguments (both our fault imo but that's another story) and our relationship changed hugely. I also stopped contact with my brothers and sister. I did, however, always maintain my 4 eldest children's relationship with her.
I have had a further 2 children to which my mum want particularly interested in (she told me she had stopped at 7 grandchildren)


My mum died last October.

Since then, it has been brought to my attention that my eldest brother is the executor of mums will and that the will had be changed since I went with her 8 years ago. (Honestly, fair enough as I was expecting that). Probate was granted in March 2022, and mum's house was sold beginning of April. My sister has said she would let me know if anything came of the will.
I've heard nothing.

So, my questions are:

  1. Would the will have been fully executed by now?
  2. If any of my children were beneficiaries, would I know about it? (I have 3 over 18's and 1 under 18, plus 2 little ones that I am assuming wouldn't of been left anything)
  3. If my children were beneficiaries, but the will stated they aren't allowed the money until a certain age, again, would I know about this?
  4. Is there any way of reading the will myself?
  5. As the house was sold back in April, does that mean monies have already been distributed?

    My 2nd eldest daughter is asking me about these things and I literally have no clue. I was well aware that I was removed a beneficiary, and I came to peace with that a couple of years ago, but I find it really strange that my eldest 4 wouldn't of been named in my mums will (she was really really close to them).

    I don't have contact with my siblings so don't want to ask them what's going on.

    Any advice or insight would be great.

    Thanks for reading!
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prh47bridge · 27/06/2022 18:50

  1. No-one can say for sure but probably not. The executor cannot be forced to make any distribution until 1 year after your mother's death.
  2. Not necessarily at this stage. However, as probate has been obtained you can get a copy of your mother's will from the probate registry -
  3. See the answer to question 2.
  4. See the answer to question 2.
  5. Not necessarily.
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