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What is your daily Routine?

MamaBear76 · 30/12/2008 23:06

Would anyone like to share what their daily routine? How do you structure your day or even week?

I am up at 6am everday to feed the youngest.
I give milk to the little ones, change nappies and get them dressed for the day.

Then I turn on the TV and hop in the shower.

Breakfast is cereals at the table and then everyone out the door at 7.45 for the school run.

I get back at 9.15, feed and clear up breakfast dishes. Stick in a load of laundry. Try to work from home for a couple hours.

12 is feed and out to pick up from nursery.
Between 1 and 3 we normally try to go out - park, library, a coffee at a friend etc.

3pm Feed and School run again.

Back home at 4.20pm, TV goes on while I cook tea which we all eat together at 5pm.Feed. Little ones bath at 6pm, then stories, star charts, in bed and lights out at 6.30pm.

Then back downstairs to clean up kitchen, fold laundry, pick up masses of toys scattered throughout house, pack bags for next day, homework etc. Clean bathrooms, and other housework chores.

9pm check emails, pay bills, fill in school forms, internet shop etc. Feed.

10.30ish to bed.

up during night between various little ones twice, sometimes 3 times.

I aim to wash the sheets of every bed and all towels once a week. I aim to vacuum whole house once a week and mop kitchen floor twice a week. Dusting once a week. Clean inside fridge & microwave once a week.
Kitchen and bathrooms cleaned everyday.

What do you do?

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Pria · 30/12/2008 23:53

Sounds pretty slick! From bedtimes you have given guess that you have quite little ones. Ours range from 1 to 14. So the beginning of the day is similar up and out of the house, after much haranging by 7.45.

Home by 9.15 I then set about entertaining baby girl, whilst trying to clear up get through 2 machine loads of washing, vacum, clean kitchens and bathrooms (daily as my lot are a super messy bunch!)

Pick up 4 yr old DS at 12.00 Lunch. Try to get out before the school run, have become a bit remiss at this. Then pick up older two from two seperate schools in seperate villages, don't ask!

Childrens tea at 5.00 Homework, or to or from an activity, bath the little ones 6.00 ish for 7.00 and 7.30 bedtimes. Hose down the older two! Who go to bed at 9.30 and 10.00 meaning no time for us. This all get's slighly more confusing on my work days Wed-Fri when a lot of mad juggling ensues to try to ensure all are in the right places at the right times whilst working all day. Happy Days!!

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psychohohohoho · 30/12/2008 23:59

I will asnswer properly when less tired/tipsy......but tonight will answer enough so that this is on 'threads I am on'.

daily routine........

get up


go to school

do housework

come home from school





feed 'em


ballet run





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missymoo2411 · 31/12/2008 12:58

psyco love it .......

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Madmentalbint · 31/12/2008 13:58

6am get up and make packed lunches and see OH off to work.
6.30am breakfast - usually cereal/toast - but sometimes cooked.
7.00 everyone shower and get dressed
8.10 eldest 2 leave for school
8.20 school run, either walk or cycle
8.45 walk dog
9.15 have breakfast, set dishwasher and washing off
9.40 go to work
1.30 get home from work. Have lunch. Re-boot washing. Start dinner (put casserole in/peel potatoes etc.) Get some housework done. Go on computer. Watch crap tv.
3pm collect from school.
4pm Eldest 2 arrive home. Do reading books/watch tv/take to music lessons/karate/rainbows/cubs etc.
5.30pm dinner
7pm bath and bed for little two.
I collapse in front of tv. Older 2 put themselves to bed between 9 and 10pm. Feed animals, tidy up, set dishwasher off, go to bed. This is on a good day. Some days I seem to get nothing done and spend all day chasing my tail and at the end I've accomplished bugger all! And my housework routine leaves alot to be desired, seeing as I don't really have one. I've tried making myself a routine but it just didn't work for me. I tend to muddle along and have a cleaning frenzy if someone is coming over

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