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What made you want baby number 5!

Mummy289 · 30/06/2022 15:09

Im pretty sure I have gone mad 😂. Last year finding out I was having baby number 4 I freaked! Didn’t know how I would cope and felt I was starting again (10,9 and 6 year old). Now we have a lovely 8 month old, and I would love one more, close in age esp as im nearer to 37!
I can’t really and it’s a stupid idea but omg I would love to do it all over again. I think as well having one baby at home im finding weird as my other 3 were so close in age.
We have a big enough car but not a big enough house 😂🤦🏼‍♀️. Living space is fine it’s mainly the bedrooms and I can’t see us ever moving from here as it’s our dream home and can’t afford to move or extend. (Only a 3 bed).
So it’s a stupid idea and maybe I just feel sad knowing I truely had my last baby. However I can’t stop this yearning for one more. Been with my husband for 19 years now. I think I feel it’s now or never although I have pcos and my first 3 I needed help to have the fourth was a miracle.
Sorry think I just needed to say it 😂

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