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Advise please - What would you do?

Dobcaty · 01/07/2022 10:23

Morning ladies, I'm on board a couple of IVF thread but thought might get more advise, so here I am.

Background, I'm 36 (37 in August), DH 52, been together 17 years. He has two children from previous marriage. We started fertility investigation during covid, but we not eligible for NHS so went private. After 3 failed IUIs, we started to do long protocol IVF - ICSI as he has high level of antisperm antibodies (initial investigations didn't flagged this)

first round - 10 fertilised eggs, none of them developed well, 2 transferred on day3, none to freeze, implantation failure.

second round - 11 fertilised egg, 1 transferred at day5, two in the freezer (both of them 4AA), first time in my life BFP, but miscarriage at 4weeks2days.

We had our follow up appointment on Tuesday to talk through for the next steps and were given 2 options:

  1. start the FET -long protocol - transfer probably beginning of Aug

  2. do some private investigation with blood tests, which result takes 10-12 weeks to come back, and if nothing found we can start the long protocol FET approx mid October, transfer end of Nov. In the meantime I can be referred for recurrent miscarriage clinic (1 implantation failure and 1 miscarriage already classified as recurrent) and do hysteroscopy with NHS - waiting time approx 18 months - or private (cost more or less £2k)
    I've asked her what she would do? She went silent for a minute or so, clearly struggling with her answer, but she said 90% of these tests come back negative, but we need to make the decision.

    DH wants to wait and do the tests. I want both now😅. If we do these tests, we could end up to do the FET the same time when is our house moving window(new built) so unlikely I want any more stress added to it, and definitely I don't want xmas time, so thats all will be pushed early next year.

    Additional info: in the last 12-14 months I have mid cycle spotting so asked GP to run another blood test with FBC, thyroid, testosterone, LH, FSH and CA125 (my mum had ovarian cancer and I have a small cyst on the left), result should be back by next Wednesday.

    I'm gearing up for my af (first since the mc) probably I will have the full flow by Monday and thats when we need to have a decision
    What would you do?
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