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I have been matched with a egg donor!

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Feelingsad1 · 13/12/2018 21:03

After being on the waiting list for an egg donor for 7 months I finally got the call yesterday that they now have a donor for me. I'm the second recipient and I'm due to start in Jan. Can anyone who's been through this give me any tips or advice on what to expect and please any success stories. I have my own child already and one miscarrage earlier this year. Thank you xx

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jemimafuddleduck · 13/12/2018 22:13

Hi @Feelingsad1
How exciting!!!
I am in the middle of an egg donor cycle (I'm the recipient).
Firstly I was put on tablets to induce a period, to sync my cycle with the donor's. Then I was put on buserelin (nasal spray) which I am still on. I got scanned a couple of weeks ago to make sure my lining was thin, then got put on estrogen tablets.
The donor was scanned yesterday and I was scanned today, looking for my lining to be thickening (which it was).
She is being scanned again tomorrow. Egg collection next week then transfer planned for Christmas Eve!!
Hopefully that gives you an idea of the process?
This is my first cycle. The clinic have said there's around a 70% chance of success, but I think that's a bit ambitious personally.
I know hoe exciting it is to be matched, so congratulations!

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