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Advice around stopping clomid after miscarriage. Does this make sense??

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Slightlylessclueless · 08/12/2018 15:01

I’m 34 in January and had a missed miscarriage start of November, discovered at 12 week scan, after 2 1/2 years of trying.

It’s undiagnosed infertility, although my husbands sperm count is borderline, and my cycles are kind of long and sometimes irregular (but no specific problems picked up). We’d conceived for the first time after my second round of clomid, but sadly it is no more Sad

I had thought we’d rebook our nhs infertility appointments and pick up where we left off with the third round of clomid.

I do seem to ovulate, but maybe not all the time. And the clomid did seem to work.

However just received letter in the post saying “you are now starting from the bottom of the cumulative conception curve again. The next 12 months is the steep part of graph and over this time even assisted reproduction would be unlikely to get you pregnant again more quickly than nature, as long as you are cycling regularly”

Then saying to wait 12 months and go back to your GP for a referral.

We’ve never had a conversation about any curve, and all graphs I have seen have a massive downward decline at 35 - however ‘bottom of the curve’ suggests only way is up?

Bearing in mind if I go back in 12 months still trying to conceive - I will be 35 and chances already will be rapidly dropping.

Although I get that this has proved that I can get pregnant, so maybe ivf isn’t the next steps, I don’t understand why we wouldn’t carry on with clomid?!

Any advice would be much appreciated. As I just don’t understand Sad And also advice around considering a private consultation just for right advice. As I feel the next 12 months are critical and can’t be wasted

(Would be much more chilled if this was 5 yrs ago!)

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Wouldyoubelieeeeeeveit · 08/12/2018 22:27

Hi OP, so sorry for your loss. It is one of the worst things to happen to someone.

My experience was completely different I had a late loss at 5 months last year (conceived with clomid), I went back to my gp and was referred back to the fertility clinic and had another round of clomid (around 4 months after the loss). The view was that I could clearly get pregnant via clomid, plus trigger so to try again before considering IVF. It was successful, but I had an ectopic so now on ivf.

I'm not sure if it's because I'm older than you (39) but I'd definitely question it and push to be seen earlier.

Where are you based? If you can afford it I'd definitely consider a private appointment if you don't get any sense from your current clinic.

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Slightlylessclueless · 09/12/2018 15:23

Thank you for that. Really sorry to hear about your losses, and all the best for the ivf.

I am definitely going to ring on Monday then, and ask further. As it doesn’t make sense to me. We’ve just never had any proper conversations about it all, only test results and then next short term steps. Yet that letter implies we have!

Then if that’s not satisfactory i think I’ll look at private consultations - we’re in West Midlands/Warwickshire.
(If anyone’s got any tips on ones in that area!)

Aah it’s all so confusing! But good to know there’s people here that understand x

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