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Diagnosed with PCOS after IVF referral

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MrsBroody · 15/09/2018 13:27

Hi all,

I'm looking for some advice.

So, I should start by saying I've found my Gynaecologist to be pretty useless. My consultations with him have never lasted more than 5 minutes, he doesn't bother to look into my cycles in any detail; in fact, the only question he ever asked is are they regular and do you bleed in between. As my answer was 'no', he didn't explore further.

Had a HSG and all the regular blood tests. But never an ultrasound. Lady who did HSG said I had tilted uterus and recommended u/s scan. I raised it at my next consultation, and Gyn brushed it off. I put my foot down (politely) and he reluctantly arranged an ultrasound.

In the meantime, he referred us for IVF at another hospital. I've not had any contact from them, yet.

So I've now had the ultrasound report. I have a 20mm cyst and ovaries which appear to be polycystic. Covering letter from Gyn says there will be no follow-up appt with him because I've already been referred. I'm a bit frustrated as this could have been avoided, had he arranged the ultrasound as part of the basic investigations

Thing is, I'm wondering whether an alternative course of treatment (such as Clomid) could help me conceive naturally. Should this be explored first? Would you recommend I contact my Gyn to query or wait for my first IVF appt (which is likely to be 2-3 months away)

Thanks all

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