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IVF treatment-private or nhs self funded?

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Kitkat369 · 16/07/2018 17:19

When hubby and I initially had our tests done in jan via go we were referred to local nhs hospital as self funded patient. We had our ivf chat last week with nurse which seemed positive only that I was bit annoyed my blood tests done on cd4 some months back weren’t fed into my file which I found odd. She mentioned long protocol and drugs I take, kind of feels like standard medication template they follow and so I’m looking privately and reading about CARE London as central near work for scans plus open on both sat and sun whereas nhs side only open mon to fri.

Thing is it’s the cost factor, it may be nearly up to 1k diff and with private side I’m worried it will go out of control the costs. But then I’m thinking you get what you pay for plus I’ve read lots of good reviews on CARE.

has anyone gone for nhs self funded or private?

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