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Trigger shot on CD26???

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Lookingforwardtoourrainbow · 06/07/2018 20:07

Hi, 26, ttc#1 for 18 or so months and just hoping for a little advice really from all of you lovely girlies please.

I've been undergoing follicle monitoring for the first time - natural, no clomid or anything. My largest follicle was only 10mm on cd10 which grew to 13mm by cd14. By cd18 it hadn't budged though so I was told I would be unlikely to ovulate as I usually have 32 day cycles - very regular. Said it was probably a non-functioning follicle whatever that means.

Went in for another scan today though (cd27) and the largest follicle is now 17mm so I've been given a trigger shot. I was totally not expecting the shot so went ahead on the Docs advice but now that I'm home I'm getting worried.

Is this not too late to have a trigger shot? Know they obviously know I've not ovulated naturally yet but I have read something about the eggs potentially being over mature the later in the cycle you are. Also even if the trigger shot does make me ovulate I'm due AF in 5 days...surely that's too late now unless the shot will delay this?

Also, does anyone know if it's normal for follicles to grow this slowly and them still contain quality eggs? Everything I read says they normally grow at 1-2mm per day.

Should have asked all these questions at the clinic I know but I didn't think at the time

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2mummie5 · 01/08/2018 20:56

Hi @lookingforwardtoourrainbow I see you post is from a few weeks ago... just wondering how things worked out For you?

Also.. can you recall if you had any symptoms as a result if the trigger .. i.e sore boobs?

I had my trigger 11 days ago followed by IUI 9 days ago. Hoping to get our BFP this month (3rd attempt).

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