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IVF @ IVI clinic in London - starting in April/May

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Sissi81 · 08/04/2018 10:28

Hi All,
Anyone having IVF @ IVI clinic in London or starting IVF soon?
We just had the nurse planning appointment and should start with Norethisterone on 17th April.
Still trying to get my head around all the meds and the planning.... and really scared of all the injections Confused
My doctor is L. Chapman, really like her, but took the nurse 4 attempts to get the dates right for the medications Hmm.
Now we are currently waiting for the admin to get back to us with some prices... we are still unsure on the total final bill for the first cycle (freeze all + Icsi) I know that might vary, but we have already the exact costs for the drugs and would nice to understand better how much and when we have to Pay.
This is our first cycle so no other clinics to compare to or previous experiences.
I am 36 and my boyfriend 37, my AMH is 2.6 and sperm count is just above 1million.... not the best combo Wink.
Anyone using the same clinic or in the process of starting the first cycle soon? Unfortunately (for me) all my friends have babies already or getting pregnant naturally so really don’t know anyone that can share their journey with me. Xx

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